Structural Inspection

Criterium-Rommes Engineers provides structural inspections for buyers, sellers, brokers, attorneys, lenders, investors, and building managers throughout eastern Tennessee and has been doing so since 1990.

What types of buildings do we inspect?

Older Homes – With special emphasis on the condition of the structure and energy efficiency.

New Homes – With extra attention to quality workmanship, materials used, and early warnings of premature problems.

Multi-Family Buildings – With emphasis on maintenance planning, structural integrity and mechanical and electrical independence of each unit.

Commercial Buildings – Such as Office Spaces, Industrial Buildings and Professional Buildings.

Other Structures – Including bridges and retaining walls

What do you get?

First you’ll get a structural inspection performed by a licensed, Professional Engineer.  You’re encouraged to be present during the inspection.  Our goal is to provide a through understanding of the property you’re looking at and with you there it’s easier to do that.  Secondly you will get an important resource, your own personal Professional Engineer.  After we’ve performed an inspection, we remain available to discuss your questions, at any time in the future.  Finally you’ll get a thoughtfully written report that’s comprehensive, promptly prepared, easy to understand and discusses virtually every aspect of the property including:

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foundation – walls – floors – columns – girders – beams – floor joists – settlement and movement – water leakage – condensation – insect infestation – ventilation


plumbing – heating – air conditioning – water heating – duct work – flues and chimneys – well pump – swimming pool


capacity – type and condition of the electrical distribution system – overall wiring – fire and safety hazards – adequacy


walls – floors – ceilings – doors – windows – hardware – fireplaces – leaks – ventilation – insulation – attic – crawl space – basement – garage


roof – gutters – windows – storm windows – siding – calking – glazing – painting – chimneys – drainage – walks – driveways – garage – barns – swimming pools – retaining walls


insulation, weatherstripping – heating – efficiency – infiltration – ventilation – heat circulation – wood stoves

When do you need the services of a licensed Professional Engineer?

If You’re Buying a Home – We’ll help you understand  that home fully, to know it’s strengths and it’s weaknesses, to avoid costly surprises.

If You Own a Home – We’ll help you get the most for your money, to make the right decisions about improvements you’re considering.  We’ll help you save energy, time and frustration getting things done.

If You’re Investing in a Building – We’ll help you make an informed investment, understand maintenance and operational needs, and plan for improvements.

If You’re a Real Estate Agent – We’ll help you and your clients (buyers and sellers) gather the information necessary to confidently make informed decisions.

If You’re an Attorney – We’ll provide that extra dimension of expertise necessary to effectively represent your clients’ interests in real estate transactions.

If You’re a Banker or Lender – We’ll help assure that your customers have a clear understanding of how to maintain the value of their homes.

If You’re an Insurance Adjuster – We’ll help solve those complex claims adjustment problems.

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